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The End of Voyager, Right Where it Began

Last night I watched the final episode of Star Trek: Voyager. It was a fine tear through space and time. It also felt like it came out of nowhere, much as Voyager emerges out of nowhere at the very end of the episode (and the series) right where it began its journey in the alpha quadrant orbiting Earth. The final scene encapsulated the show and the series. The final touch being the sound of a newborn baby over the communication system. The birth of a baby is, as everyone on Voyager continually reminded Belana and Tom, a major development in the life of the parents. Repeatedly they are told, “if you think it is hard now, just wait until the baby is born.” The fact that the baby is born off-camera, that this major development communicates to Tom from elsewhere in the ship, is key to understanding the show. Continue reading