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Strike Debt, the Debt Collective, and the #Corinthian15 Strike

I contributed in a very small way to this excellent post providing some background to the #Corinthian15 strike that launched yesterday. It was originally posted at Occupy the Social.


By Joan Donovan and Kelly Nielsen

The Debt Collective begins with the #Corinthian15 student strike, but will flourish when debtors of all kinds organize their power as a network to own the commons. Together, we can make debt history.

All In for Education!

Today, Strike Debt announced another action in the Rolling Jubilee, which included a $13 million student debt buy and a new project: The Debt Collective—a platform by debtors and for debtors to organize, resist, and reimagine their debts. By building and maintaining infrastructure for a debtor’s union, Strike Debt believes that debtors can effectively organize into blocs and leverage their collective power to contest unjust debt. Continue reading